Floor Plans

AP37_floor plans

The original layout of all floors was preserved. The following four additions were added in accordance with the building permit:

1. As per the practice of the turn of the last century, originally there were no WCs in the building. The approved building permit allowed the installation of one bathroom in the lower ground floor, two on the first floor and one on the second floor.

2. There is a new office-style kitchen on the lower level, a small kitchen on the first floor and a large kitchen on the second floor.

3. The rooftop terrace was raised 50cm and covered with a wooden deck to preserve the painted ceilings in the rooms below.

4. An elevator was added that reaches the first and second floors.

The building can be divided, allowing for three separate tenants.
. Each floor has its own entrance and can be easily separated from the other floors.
. Each floor is equipped with a separate electrical meter.

There is a complete security system activated on all exterior doors and windows with installed cameras, viewable through a secure, password-protected internet IP address.

All walls are wired for picture frame hanging to avoid damaging the fully restored high ceiling walls, and illumination with motion detection activation and auto-shutoff has been installed.

The building is connected to the city water network and the sewage system.